I am always open to connect, whether it is in relation to:

  •  Wanting to be interviewed or know of someone who should be on the podcast;

  • Whether you have suggestions or ideas on how I can improve the podcast;

  • Whether you would simply like to have a chat, I am always up to meet new people and always up for a coffee; or

  • Whether you seek guidance, if I can help, I will as best I can. If I can't I will point you in the direction of someone who may be able to.


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If you are interested in collaborating with the Young Lawyer podcast, whether by means of sponsorship, advertising or some other collaborative event, please email me using the details above and we will see if arrangements can be made.


Please be aware that we will endeavour to ensure that we avoid any conflicts between the Sponsors and the Guests that we have on the podcasts.

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