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Let's get the ball rolling on discussing Mental Health

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Now there is no doubt that being a part of the Legal Profession can be stressful, dealing with client expectations, deadlines, dealing with other parties in disputes and the list goes on. Not to mention due to confidentiality, we are unable to completely discuss any matter with family or friends. It is for this reason that Mental Health will always have a major impact within the Legal Profession.

Although I am just at the start of my legal journey as a Lawyer, I have been been a part of the profession for over 7 years now and in that time, I have seen how the everyday "grind" can begin to take it's toll on a person. The worse thing is, if you don't take time out of the day for yourself, the toll begins to compound. It is for this reason I urge anyone coming into the Profession and those already in it to take care of their Mental Wellbeing.

The aim of the this blog is to normalize the topic of Mental Health both in and out of the Workplaces, to attempt to close the gap between those are affected by Mental Illness and those who aren't. No one will ever know what someone else is going through, but by making Mental Health a more discussed topic we can ensure that those who are effected, know that they are not alone.

By beginning to make it a normalized topic it will hopefully remove the stigma that surrounds Mental Health and that is, that we can't talk about it unless we have known someone for a lengthy period of time. If there is one thing I have learnt from doing the podcast, is just how supportive every single person I have met or come across is. Everyone is up for a chat, a coffee or happy to provide some advice. So why don't we just get the ball rolling and normalize the topic of Mental health.. Let's open communications with our acquittances, our colleagues, for those both in and out of our profession.

As Clarissa Rayward put it, "yes we are Lawyers, but we are humans first." This couldn't be more true, at some or another we all feel down, we all feel not quite right and that is okay. We are humans we go through a range of an emotions on the daily, we deal with any amount of stressful situations and we should be able to discuss.


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