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My first year as a Lawyer and a Podcaster!

Looking back now, it is surprising how quick the last year has gone. The people I have had the opportunity to meet, to network with, to chat and get advice from. I hope for those who have listened, that you have found this podcast as useful as I have in my own legal journey.

Podcast turns 1

Yes, believe or not it, the Young Lawyer Podcast has been running for over a year now with 46 episodes currently published and nearly 3,000 downloads (far exceeding any expectations I had for the podcast). I have been a bit inconsistent lately with episodes and hope to get back into the swing of things, once this website has been finalised.

Where do I even begin, the advice given throughout the episodes of the podcast have not just improved my legal journey but also helped me grow as an individual. The opportunity to meet so many people and obtain so much useful knowledge and advice is an amazing thing, which anyone is able to do. As I have said countless times and I will continue to re-iterate, is that the Legal Profession is beyond supportive. The likelihood of someone turning you down is minimal and commonly because they are busy with pressing matters. Otherwise, just send a message, I promise they won't bite.

Memorable advice:

- "Don't f#@* up the same way twice";

- "Give yourself time and sleep on it, don't rush to get things done";

- "We are lawyers, but we are humans first and foremost";

- "Get out there, get experience";

- "Follow your own path".

My First Year as a Young Lawyer

When they say that University doesn't teach you everything, they were absolutely correct. What you deal with in practice is completely different to what you learn during your studies, as nothing is ever straightforward as the textbook says. You will learn so much more through your practical experience, so when you begin, be sure to start with an empty mind looking absorb as much as possible.

No doubt I have made many mistakes in my first year so far and no doubt I will continue to make them throughout my journey (hopefully minimising them as much as possible). At times I have doubted myself, whether I am cut out for this profession and whether this what I want as a career. However, the more I persist and the more I learn, the more I realise that those doubts are a result of my ego thinking I should know more or be further along then I am. I mention this because everyone's journeys are different, take your time and appreciate your journey for what you have achieved so far, it will all pay off in the end. Just have faith in yourself!

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